Know When the Largest Crypto Whales Move.

Most crypto is controlled by the largest holders. This small group moves the markets and controls the price. If you trade at all, you need to know when these whales start moving coins - before they start making trades. Because of the unique nature of blockchain, we can track when these whales put coins onto the exchanges and when they remove coins. We give you advance knowledge of coin movement before it affects the price. We translate those wallet moves into buy & sell signals to help you trade.

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Watch The Money

Whalex tracks the largest crypto wallets and alerts you when those wallets are growing or shrinking. You know when liquidity is moving to or away from exchanges.

Alerts Your Way

Aren't connected to a market terminal 24x7? Get alerts in a system you use prefer - SMS, Telegram or Email (more channels coming soon)

Easy to Get Started

We track entire blockchains for you in real time and keep track as volumes are updated. Whalex reports are useful right away. You get trading data that you can use immediately.

Don't Get Caught When Prices Drop.

Most coins have large balances controlled by single wallets, even Bitcoin. With Whalex, you can decide if insiders are selling and change strategy.

Choose Your Plan

We have two plans. The Free Plan is designed for the individual investor who wants to avoid getting crushed when the whales move. The Premier is for professional investors and traders who need real-time information and detailed research. Choose the plan that fit you best.


  • Once Per Day Update
  • Email Notification / Twitter Alert
  • Designed for Individual Investors
  • Ad Supported
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$499 Yearly
  • Instant Alerts (No delays)
  • Per Block Liquidity Reports
  • Detailed Charting from Inception
  • Designed for Professional Investors
  • Ad Free
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Whalex work?

We monitor all blocks on Bitcoin to determine if coins are moving (whales) or if exchanges are.

Yes, but how does that really work?

Addresses from exchange cold storage(s) are large and fixed with a transaction that appears very distinct. This type of transaction represents user withdrawals of coins to their own wallets. We also track large (whale) movements which represent transfers to exchanges (or private sales).

Can I pay monthly?

We do not have a monthly plan at this time.